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Idiots, Racists, and Con Artists

Wednesday, Aug. 04, 2010 3:49 AM

Here's wishing a Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama.

Those wishes are not shared by Rush Limbaugh, who remarked yesterday, "Tomorrow is President Obama's birthday, not that we've seen any proof of that."

The only people who still don't believe President Obama is an American citizen are idiots, racists, or con artists trying to exploit the first two.

Case in point: Sen. David Vitter (R-Louisiana), who is trying to spin his support of birthers being able to bring lawsuits against the president as not actually supporting birthers, but instead supporting the court system. Or something like that.

And if you criticize the good senator for propping up the likes of Orly Taitz, why, you must be part of the Liberal Thought Police.

No, Senator, we're part of the demographic that's tired of people like you dangling a disproven claim in front of idiots and racists to garner their support.

Yay! The static kill worked! That means we don't have to finish the relief wells! Quick, pack everything up and let's get out of he--

Not so fast, pal. If there's anything to be learned from this debacle, it's that someone has to hold your hand and make sure you've done your job properly, instead of properly jobbing us.

And I detest the uncritical process through which the media is reporting figures like '3/4 of the oil is gone'.

Really? Where did it go? 200+ million gallons just evaporated, dispersed, and/or got skimmed/scooped up?

Ta-daaaaa! The planet is safe for democracy! Now we can go back to our national pastime, reporting on slags and sluts like Lindsay Lohan and Bristol Palin. (Oh, sorry, Sarah-the-Quitter, did I offend? Go ask some of your GOP friends ... unwed mothers are the bane of society, right alongside gays and illegal immigrants.)

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