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There's No Such Thing As A Bargain Price When It Comes To Bullshit

Wednesday, Dec. 03, 2008 3:55 AM

The CEOs of the Big Three automakers returned to Capitol Hill with their plan for financial solvency: cut our salaries to $1.

If that's the selling point, it's a bad plan. Ironic and perhaps fitting, but these aren't average American workers - they're corporate officers who have taken home millions in compensation and bonuses. Moreover, it's not the chest-beating and 'sacrifice' that's at issue here - it's whether or not there's a viable business plan worthy of the investment of our tax dollars.

With Florida Senator Mel Martinez stepping down, there's talk of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush launching a run for Martinez' seat.

I think anyone who makes even half-serious comments about establishing shadow governments should not, in any way, be involved in governing this country.

Just look what the past eight years have gotten us from Mr. Things-Would-Be-Easier-in-a-Dictatorship - Jeb's brother, George.

Georgia's Saxby Chambliss won the runoff election between himself and Democratic challenger Jim Martin by depicting himself as the 'firewall' between America and Obama 'raising taxes' or 'taking away your guns.'

But Chambliss was a strong proponent of the USA PATRIOT Act, which enables sneak-and-peek searches - kind of inconsistent with my right to bear and keep arms.

Quelle surprise! A new report that warns of the potential of a terrorist attack using bioweapons also identifies Pakistan and its nuclear armament as a matter of grave concern.


I have no idea why the press, the American people, or anyone in Congress bought the whole 'we gotta go after Saddam' line of Grade-A horseshit when Pakistan already had tested, deployable nuclear weapons, with both al-Qaeda and a displaced Taliban crossing the border from Afghanistan.

So we propped up a military strongman, and when he didn't lick our boots to our liking, tried to replace him with Benazir Bhutto as a showpiece. She got whacked, so her husband - who doesn't particularly like America - is now the Prime Minister.

And now we have twice as much work to do.

There are reports that the terrorists behind the Mumbai attacks used steroids, cocaine, and/or LSD to help fight off troops and maintain their focus.

My bullshit meter is going off. I'm not aware of any steroid that would be of immediate benefit in a gunfight, and I don't think cocaine or LSD are something that will help you focus.

But, just like the 'terrorists using sports drinks as explosives' nonsense, no one in the media is actually thinking about this stuff, they're just mangling what someone said and spitting it back out because it sounds good.

I won't be terribly surprised when the facts contradict this latest moment of prize journalism. (Oh, wait, the media never really corrected themselves after blowing the whole 'sports drink' thing out of proportion.)

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