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Save the Cheerleader ...?

Monday, Sept. 21, 2009 4:04 AM

The FBI has arrested Najibullah Zazi, whom we mentioned last week as being questioned over a possible link to terrorist activity.

Zazi is said to have refused to explain nine pages of notes on bomb-making, as well as fingerprints on 'bomb-making materials' (it's unknown if those are the multiple cell phones agents confiscated or actual explosives/chemical components).

Of course, one wonders why no less than FBI Director Robert Mueller was busy assuring a senate panel that there was 'no credible threat' last week.

If Zazi was part of a conspiracy with the funding and ability to execute, then one would think he's a serious threat. If he's not an imminent or credible threat, then he was just another in a long string of terrorist wannabes, conveniently brought to justice around the anniversary of 9/11.

So the caught-on-tape moment for fired ACORN employees is enough for the Senate to suspend funding, and enough for conservatives to scream 'foul!' ... but there's apparently nothing wrong with a FOX News associate producer caught on tape giving stage directions to the crowd at the Washington, D.C. protest on 9/12.

She's just a 'low-level employee' who was 'inexperienced' and 'confused' according to FOX.

And then there's anchor Chris Wallace, who touts FOX News as 'fair and balanced,' but then goes on to describe the Obama White House as 'a bunch of crybabies.'

At what point is personal opinion 'fair and balanced' journalism?

The FCC is expected to make an important ruling on principles that would form the backbone of 'net neutrality,' beginning with prohibiting ISP's from interfering with large downloads (which are common to users who stream video and music, but may also pirate software).

We'll see what happens. Net neutrality isn't just about streaming video - it's about making sure access to and provision of content isn't priced out of reach of the average person.

Consider, for example, political campaigns - right now, you have to come in with millions of dollars to 'get your message out,' and the usual candidates now include wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs.

But what about the potential to campaign on the web? Wouldn't it make sense to insure that candidates can't be priced off the stage, by fees for bandwidth, higher speeds, etc.?

Or perhaps the technology can be applied to education. Overcrowded schools? What if public education could be offered online, alternating attendance with online sessions so as to also provide the necessary socialization aspect of basic education? The net would have to be priced so that students have access to the necessary speeds and services without their parents getting sucker-punched in the wallet.

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