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Much Ado About Nothing

Monday, Dec. 10, 2007 8:41 AM

So, Saint Al picked up his Nobel Prize last night. Whoop-ti-fracking-doo.


Three cheers for the environment and all that, but let's check the scorecard. We'll even forego the whole junk science thing and take you at your word for the moment.

We have a president who has been exposed, more than once, as a liar.

We've done nothing.

We have a president whose hallmark has been 'I don't think anyone knew ...' and other obfuscatory classics, along with the willful destruction of over 10 million e-mails illegally maintained on a separate server (underwritten by the GOP).

We've done nothing.

We have a president, an administration, and elected representatives that continue to think that waterboarding isn't torture, and that the procedure actually has merit.

We've done nothing.

We have a president who has used signing statements to circumvent federal law, who has altered posse comitatus and habeas corpus, as well as authorized wholesale spying on the American people.

We've done nothing.

And Al Gore thinks America is ready for a leadership role in saving the planet? Fuck, we're practically giving the country away to thieves and idiots and inviting them to take a little extra 'cause it's the holidays ... yet, somehow, impeachment is still 'off the table'.

We've gone from being the leader of the free world to a country where 'democracy' is where the White House press bimbo asserts it's never acceptable to restrict the constitution to fight terrorism, and the Cowchip-in-Chief sees nothing wrong with an ally jailing his opposition, packing the supreme court with handpicked cronies, suspending the constitution, and maintaining a state of emergency to stay in office.

That 'torture' is even part of our national dialogue is disgusting. Yet, even a candidate and senator who was a POW during the Vietnam War won't step up and take a hard stance against it.

We're wallowing in fear so thick it continues to cripple our thinking. We jump at shadows, and insist that 'everything is different.' We have elected representatives who think there are hordes of evil Islamic jihadists waiting to take over the country and declare Shari'a Law next week. We're hip-deep in laws with spiffy, patriotic names like the 'USA PATRIOT Act' and the 'Protecting America Act,' ignoring the not-so-subtle fascist/communist overtones of servile obedience to the state, or to an incompetent and corrupt leader. We have groups like 'Freedom's Watch' - which sounds more like a vigilante gang than a media watchdog.

Still, nothing. Click. Maybe there's something on Spike, a good movie or something. Yawn. Oh, there's Pelosi. Stupid Democrats. Ho-hum. Heh, that Bush sure is a moron. Zzzzzz. Whazzat? Global warm- oh, Gore, again.

You're a blip on the channel changer of the American consciousness, Al. Nobody cares. You show up, and people go off into the kitchen to grab a snack, or nip off to the bathroom before the game is back on.

Science? Shit, Al, we have polls that show over half the country thinks man arose from some river clay and appropriate magic incantation by the same invisible Sky Daddy whose gonna protect us when your global warming doomcast comes true.

Enjoy your prize.

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