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History Doesn't Like George W. Bush

Monday, Oct. 08, 2007 2:14 AM

"I made my arguments and went down in flames. History will prove me right," - Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush after voting against realignment and a new wild-card system during a Major League Baseball owners meeting in September 1993.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick points out that history has proven Mr. Bush wrong.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom took this weekend's Fleet Week celebration to rip conservatives decrying the city as 'anti-military' because of, oh, a long list of things like refusing to homeport the Missouri (*cough* Dianne Feinstein), kicking JROTC out of high schools, declining efforts to bring the USS Iowa to San Francisco as a museum ship, and telling the Marines that we don't allow commercials to be filmed downtown except on Sunday mornings.

That's beside the point.

Proving that his cuppa Just Don't Get It is at least as deep or as strong as President Bush's, San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly said, "It's unfortunate the mayor is more concerned about politics than about the safety of San Franciscans."

Hmm. Let's see. Four practice flights, two performances, several checkflights for media personalities ...

... zero mishaps. Multiply that by 26, as the Angels have performed at Fleet Week celebrations since 1981.

So, let's be clear, Mr. Daly - it's not about safety, it's about ... um, let's see ... oh, yeah, politics.

Yes, I'm sure it looks stunning from orbit, but I seriously doubt the mass of anti-war types who gathered upon a Berkeley hillside to spell out the word IMPEACH did anything to further that cause.

And even with Nancy Pelosi's refusal to consider impeachment proceedings against Messrs. Bush and Cheney, there's no way in hell I'm voting for the clueless Cindy Sheehan.

But seriously, folks. We're at war, and the best conservatives can do is whine about whether or not Barack Obama is wearing a flag pin? Hillary's braying laugh? John Edwards' hairdo?

Though it has more to do with America's short-attention span than any failing exclusive to the left or right.

We're apparently more concerned about Britney Spears' being a drunken slut, or the thuggery of O.J. Simpson than any matters of substance.

Still, the thing about the pin is that it's being asserted that only true patriots wear the pins, and true patriots don't question the president.

A flag does not a patriot make.

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