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Enforce The Law, Goddamnit!

Tuesday, Oct. 09, 2007 7:39 AM

It's hard to defend the country when you have spineless Democrats selling it off in big fucking chunks. Having already knuckled under to what has been exposed as blatant fear-mongering, it seems that they are now ready to capitulate further on FISA and give the NSA expanded wiretapping powers.

The Democrats are apparently fooling themselves by including a requirement that the FISA court 'take a more active role' in the process.


A more active court isn't going to be the solution for a Justice Department and an Administration that feels warrants and paperwork are just too much of a bother.

But instead of pointing out the substance and failings of the Bush Administration's policies, both the media and the Democrats are back to the 'soft on terrorism' arguments. Can't even push back on the 'not serious about national security' meme.

Having determined that Blackwater USA contractors fired without provocation in a recent incident that left several people dead, the Iraqi government is saying Blackwater must go - as in 'leave the country.'

They are also asking that Blackwater pay $136 million in reparations to the families, "...because Blackwater uses employees who disrespect the rights of Iraqi citizens even though they are guests in this country.�

It will be interesting to see the excuses paraded about to keep this from happening, all ignoring the fact that this is a legitimate request from a sovereign government.

And our 'mission' in Iraq has become defunct.

We've been told that our troops are there to buy the Iraqis the necessary time and breathing space to effect political reconciliation.

"I don't think there is something called reconciliation, and there will be no reconciliation as such," said Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih, a Kurd. "To me, it is a very inaccurate term. This is a struggle about power."

Ministers are bailing out. The Shiites have loudly denounced the U.S. efforts to bring Sunni tribesmen into the Iraqi police force. And the largest olive branch isn't being wielded by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, but by the Sunni vice-president, Tariq al-Hashimi.

All we're doing is getting our troops killed and making it possible for this sectarian nonsense to continue. It's like doing your kid's homework while he's busy pummeling his younger brother over who gets to play Halo 3 next.

Joey DiFatta, a GOP candidate for the Louisiana State Senate, has withdrawn his candidacy.

He claims it's for health reasons.

The Times-Picayune says the real reason may be two incidents where DiFatta was stopped on suspicion of lewd behavior in a men's restroom.

The first was watching through a hole in a stall as another man relieved himself.

The second was tapping his foot to signal an undercover officer that he wanted to engage in a sexual act.

I'm not sure which is more disturbing, another toe-tapping toilet boy, or the fact that gay restroom sex is such a major threat that we're placing undercover officers in bathrooms around the country.

Neither incident resulted in an actual arrest. (The second incident stopped short of an arrest because - get this - several children entered the restroom. So as to not upset the delicate sensibilities of the young'uns, we're going to let you go, Mr. DiFatta.)

Why I Won't Vote For Hillary, Episode XLIV:

The latest addition to her team is none other than Sandy Berger. You know, Sandy 'Copies of Classified Documents Down His Pants' Berger.

Leave the hiring of corrupt scumbags to Rudy Giuliani.

A British research group has said a 'fundamental re-think' of the war on terror is necessary to make headway against groups like al-Qaeda.

"If the al Qaeda movement is to be countered, then the roots of its support must be understood and systematically undercut," wrote Paul Rogers on behalf of the Oxford Research Group. "Combined with conventional policing and security measures, al Qaeda can be contained and minimized but this will require a change in policy at every level."

Unfortunately, the folks who have brought us to war aren't about to admit they were wrong, and that a more modest, reasoned solution was the way to go. Expect to have your opinion savaged and handed back to you in a plastic bag, Mr. Rogers.

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