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Tancredo: Back Off, Or We'll Bomb Mecca!

Wednesday, Aug. 01, 2007 2:16 PM

Not that Congressman Tom Tancredo is the pinnacle of sense and sensibility, but he's really set a new record with his latest statement.

Tancredo believes that, in the event of a domestic terrorist incident involving a nuclear device, that we should bomb Mecca and the holy city of Medina. In fact, we should make it abundantly clear to 'them' that we will do this.

Because, obviously, rolling in with overwhelming force has proven so amazingly successful in finding Osama bin Laden and bringing the God-given gifts of liberty and freedom to Iraq. (Hey, maybe we should have just found some pregnant chick, handed her some gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and went on our merry way.)

And because threatening to blow the shit out of Mecca will endear us to Muslims around the world, underscoring our respect for their faith and culture while making it clear we think they're all a bunch of terrorist thugs.

Somewhere in a cave in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri are laughing their asses off.

Disparate testimonies. Buried memorandums. High-ranking officers who 'forgot' important information. No provocation by enemy fire. Poorly trained and vision-impaired soldiers manning guns.

But there's no indication of a cover up in the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman?

And Vice President Felix Dzerzhinsky Dick Cheney says he can't remember if Alberto and the Night Visitors graced the hospital room of then Attorney General John Ashcroft to discuss the terrorist surveillance program.

This from the man who has insisted that if we'd had the terrorist surveillance program in place before 9/11, there wouldn't have been a 9/11.

It's so important that he's forgotten whether it was important or not.

We're going to hear no end of stalling and hedging as we approach the 'September deadline' for General Petraeus to make hay with the Amazing Surge 1.0 (Surge 2.0 now in production, from the geniuses at BushCo!).

But consider that this whole process has been an exercise in the language of failure.

If I were having my kitchen remodeled, and the contractor kept coming back and telling me it would be another six months, that they were going to add three more workers to the project, and that I just needed to be patient �

� but four years down the road, I'm still cooking nothing but frozen dinners in the microwave, do you think, perhaps, that I might be upset and question things a little harder? That additional oversight might be in order, or that calling the Better Business Bureau would be a good idea?

Instead, with our 'kitchen remodel' of Iraq, we're being told that we cannot withdraw, that we must stay the course. Adapt and win. Surge, baby, surge!

Neither the media or the Democrats have identified that this painful, costly process is not about success, it's about staring at the fucked-up cabinets and hoping they'll look different in two weeks. We're blaming everyone from CIndy Sheehan to defeatist liberals whacking off nightly to pictures of Neville Chamberlain � but fail to recognize that Cindy Sheehan has as much pull in the Islamic world as Neptune has on your destiny at the moment of your birth. (The doctor in the delivery room has a greater gravitational pull on you than distant planets do.)

We apply benchmarks in most aspects of our lives. We are graded as we go through school. We have performance reviews in the work world. We plan our lives according to to-do lists and goals.

Is Iraq is so complicated, so difficult, that we can't hold the President and his hand-picked advisors to account?

How is it that a President who claims to have an innate moral compass and unflinching instincts routinely fails the plainest and simplest of tests when it comes to responsibility?

Perhaps we need to see that the language of failure, and the mindset for the same, is really coming out of the White House, and not from anonymous throngs of disloyal Americans.

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