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Goals, Illusions, and Ready or Not �

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007 5:59 AM

In an interview on Monday, Senator John McCain expressed his fears that Iraqi insurgents might plan something along the lines of the Tet Offensive ��a sweeping assault by Viet Cong forces that sent American casualties rocketing during the Vietnam War.

McCain also trotted out the administration line that if we set a clear date, the insurgents will just pull back and wait for us to leave.

It's occurred to me what a piece of malarkey that statement is.

The insurgents' fight will not be made easier by their waiting for American troops to 'secure' key areas and train Iraqi forces. In guerilla warfare, you don't attack strength, you attack weakness ��lines of supply and communication, movement that must pass through specific regions or streets.

The insurgents want us out of Iraq, militarily and politically. They've established their goals and methods.

On the other hand, we're the ones who still don't know what the mission is. Is it political ��to establish and secure a new, democratic government? If so, how can our presence be construed as anything but an occupying force?

Is our goal military ��to eliminate insurgent forces that include terrorists from al-Qaeda? And if military force is required to unseat the insurgents, why do we believe a civilian force will then be able to take over the job?

We're even unclear as to who's responsible. It wasn't that long ago that then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was telling us how al-Qaeda was behind it all. Al-Qaeda was the one recruiting and arming forces. But, gosh darn it, dropping a few bombs on top of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi didn't solve the problem. In fact, it got worse.

Now, the Bush Administration is telling us it's Iran who is recruiting and arming and funding and pulling the strings. This is not statecraft; it's a child explaining why his homework isn't done again.

The dog ate it. It was in my pocket when Mom washed my pants. I left it in my other coat. The wind blew it off the park bench. I spilled my milk on it.

But even as Bush spins another tale, we need to be mindful of the candidates.

"If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn't have voted in favor of the resolution," said Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That's great. Why didn't you know? Where was the Congressional oversight? Certainly, there were concerns among the people that this was the wrong step, the wrong move � so why didn't any of you look into the issues more closely? Why didn't the rhetoric out of the White House raise an eyebrow or two?

If George W. Bush is fated to live in the history books as an inept clod, Congress must take its lumps for making it possible.

In a recent interview, President Bush assured the public that Iraq is actually better off than what we see on the news. That the violence in Baghdad and Al Anbar Province isn't what Iraqi citizens are living with in other parts of the country.

New York is really a nice city, too. Lots of people going to work there and living peacefully. Don't let the big fucking hole that's been there for close to five-and-a-half years mislead you.

And let's not forget New Orleans! Sure, the Ninth Ward still needs a little cleaning up, but, hey � still a heckuva place to take the family on vacation.

Baghdad is Iraq's capital city, Mr President.. It speaks to the stability of the government and the nation if that capital is awash in turmoil. And certainly, when we've lost 100+ soldiers since the start of the year, all is not well.

Lord, spare me from a year of, "Is America ready for �" a Black president, or a woman president.

For crying out loud, we've got people complaining Barack Obama isn't black enough. We have African-American athletes, doctors, lawyers, engineers, policemen, firefighters, military personnel, educators, musicians, actors � and somehow, America isn't ready for a Black president?

What's it going to take? A dip in the river Jordan and a sign from God?

The same goes for Hillary Rodham Clinton. What's to be ready for, and if we aren't, is it Hillary's problem?

(This is not an endorsement of either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton. It's a long, long road to the national convention and the nomination.)

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Janet - 2007-02-13 23:40:08
John McCain = Karl Rove