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So Happy Together?

Monday, Feb. 05, 2007 2:40 AM

You would think that people who make their living from words might notice the rhetorical tricks that George W. Bush routinely pulls out of the bag.

Sadly, no.

In fact, Associated Press even goes so far as to repeat Bush's assertion, making it even more effective.

At a meeting with Democrats, the AP reported:

He said disagreeing with him over the war � as many in the room do ��does not mean, "you don't share the same sense of patriotism I do."

Are we to believe, then, that disagreement with Bush's policies is dull and boring, and not worth mentioning, while the tag line is? Why, in a meeting attended only by Democrats, is it even necessary to bring up the subject?

Unless it's so the press puts the savory phrase in their copy and it gets circulation anyway. Might as well lick his shoes clean while you're at it, folks.

Bush goes on to say, "We don't always agree ��but we do agree about our country. We do agree about the desire to work together."

No, Sir, I don't think 'we' agree at all. The problem with statements like this is that they carry the implication that anyone who does disagree must be stupid, corrupt, evil, or in this case ��unpatriotic.

And his record on 'working together' is clearly established by his signing statements.

Bush then sticks right to his script, assuring us that he listened to everyone, then came up with a plan that he genuinely believes has the best of succeeding (sic). Even though the only two senators to voice open agreement were Joe "I'm Independent, but I'm really a Democrat, but I might vote Republican" Lieberman and John McCain (who actually embellished on the idea by talking about a sustainable surge).

For her part, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded by saying, "We were honored by your presence. We're also encouraged by your remarks."

Which means she's not buying the One Big Happy Family routine from Bush.

The press shouldn't either. You'd think they'd get that after being burned on the whole 'we never said imminent' comedy act. Instead, they dutifully line up for another turn at being Bush Administration straight men.

Speaking of things that aren't real, eBay has officially banned the sale of 'virtual' items � primarily commodities that can be won or acquired in games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft ��because there are just too many issues involving payment and the delivery of said goods.

Now if we could only do as much for our plans to dig a tunnel to China foreign policy in Iraq.

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