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Friday, Dec. 16, 2005 12:00 AM

I'm all for supporting one's friends in times of need, but it's surprising to hear President Bush affirming Rep. Tom DeLay's innocence in regards to money laundering charges. (It is highly irregular for a sitting President to comment on an ongoing investigation or trial, and, as the Democrats were quick to point out, the White House has refused to do so in regards to the investigation of the Valerie Plame leak.)

In the interview on Fox News, the President also said Rep. Randy Cunningham was wrong, but hedged about political fundraiser Jack Abramoff, pointing out that Abramoff gave money to Democrats, as well. The President also said he wasn't all that familiar with things on Capitol Hill.

Excuse me? Apart from the inconsistency of praising Tom DeLay and his ability to push votes through for the GOP, then claiming ignorance when it comes to the Abramoff case, shouldn't the president be briefed about what's happening on the Hill?

Bush also took a moment to praise Karl Rove; Donald Rumsfeld; and Dick Cheney, who, Bush says, "... We didn't know each other that well when we first came to Washington, D.C., and my respect for him has grown immensely."

Waitaminit. He's your dadblasted running mate, the man who would succeed you should you be unable to complete your term ... and you didn't know him very well? How did you pick him to share the ticket, consult the Magic 8-Ball?

Simply amazing.

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Andrew - 2005-12-16 05:49:08
Not that I'd ever want to support Prez Fuckhead in any way, but I know enough about presidential politics to know that running mates are often chosen at the last minute. Sometimes because the lesser canidate is losing, or otherwise the campaigne staff find a running mate and add them to the ticket. Unfortunately, the running mate has become nothing but a figure head, very little thought goes into whether or not they will actually be a good VP or not.

Shadowgm - 2005-12-16 12:27:22
I believe Uncle Dick was chosen for specific reasons, as he was not, to my recollection, running on his own. While he appears to have brought a 'respectability' to the ticket in 2000 to offset W, Cheney is hardly a figurehead. But, W did as he was told, a perfect example of the cluelessness I point out.