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Andrew - 2005-12-16 05:49:08
Not that I'd ever want to support Prez Fuckhead in any way, but I know enough about presidential politics to know that running mates are often chosen at the last minute. Sometimes because the lesser canidate is losing, or otherwise the campaigne staff find a running mate and add them to the ticket. Unfortunately, the running mate has become nothing but a figure head, very little thought goes into whether or not they will actually be a good VP or not.

Shadowgm - 2005-12-16 12:27:22
I believe Uncle Dick was chosen for specific reasons, as he was not, to my recollection, running on his own. While he appears to have brought a 'respectability' to the ticket in 2000 to offset W, Cheney is hardly a figurehead. But, W did as he was told, a perfect example of the cluelessness I point out.

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