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Friday, Jul. 30, 2010 3:51 AM

So out among the Birthers and other nuthatches on the fringe are the Thirteenthers, a group championing the 13th Amendment.

No, not the abolition of slavery. Don't be silly. They're talking about a proposal that they claim could have been the 13th Amendment if not for all that anti-slavery foolishness.

It was called the 'Titles of Nobility Amendment,' and was proposed in 1810, but fell short of ratification due to the addition of new states during the ratification process.

Among other things, it would strip citizenship from any citizen who accepted, claimed, received, or retained any title of nobility or honor from a foreign body.

Which means ... President Obama. You know, that whole Nobel Peace Prize thing. Pffft. Out the door. The secret Kenyan Muslim Socialist Fascist Commie Bastard can go back to where he came from.

Better yet, we could throw Al Gore and Jimmy Carter in as well!

Which is such a great idea that the Iowa GOP is calling for the reintroduction and reinstatement of the 'original 13th Amendment.'

::: facepalm :::

Not so fast there, Chumley. The text also forbade any present, pension, office, or emolument from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power. Like George W. Bush getting his little medallion from the Saudis. Or Ronald Reagan's honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II (granted in 1989). Not sure y'all want to be dealing with companies based in Dubai, either.

Let me get this straight. Much ado about Rep. Charles Rangel's apparent ethical lapses (which I do not attempt to justify or excuse), but nary a sound about two self-admitted war criminals named Bush and Cheney.

The Pentagon is looking at PFC Bradley Manning as a possible source in their investigation of the WikiLeaks expose on the war in Afghanistan. (Manning was arrested in May, and has been held in Kuwait, but is being moved to Quantico.)

So when did the Afghanistan documents get leaked? How can a guy in the brig send six years worth of documents to WikiLeaks?

The other question is, if Manning is indeed the culprit, how is it that a lowly PFC has access to intelligence that names civilian assets? Go ahead and howl about how this is a blow to national security, but why does it seem someone just scooped this shit off someone's desk?

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