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Got Nukes?

Monday, Apr. 12, 2010 3:46 AM

Tiger Woods' return to the Masters at Augusta concluded with a fourth-place finish, five back from winner Phil Mickelson.

Sarah Palin, suffering from the need to get the last word in, tried to spin President Obama's dismissal of any expertise on Palin's part by calling Obama a 'part-time senator' - apparently trying to equate a senator leaving their seat for a higher office with quitting halfway through one's term to join the ranks of talking heads on cable television.

The Republicans are apparently positioning themselves to shove the RRW (Reliable Replacement Warhead) program through in exchange for their support on the new arms limitation treaty with Russia. (Obama had originally struck the RRW program from the budget in 2009.)

You see, according to the Republicans, our warheads are 'decades old' and they might not work. Gotta be able to pull the trigger. Can't have our enemies thinking our guns are rusting in their holster, or that we won't bomb the shit out of them.

This is the problem with being the schoolyard bully. Eventually, the other kids figure out you're not really working from a position of strength, you're working from a position of vulnerability. All it takes is one kid to stand up to you, and, suddenly, you've got nothing.

The nuclear deterrent is meant to keep other nations from pursuing aggressive solutions, not as a fallback position or an excuse for what has become typical Republican intransigence.

And, really, if you were concerned about terrorists and rogue actors obtaining nuclear weapons, y'all should have been paying attention to Pakistan (tested, deployable weapons) instead of Saddam (non-existant WMD's and non-existant capability). Now, of course, we're mired in Iraq, and Pakistan has undergone a change of government - to one that is far friendlier with the Taliban than they are with us.

Now, why can't everyone do this?

Protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church came to West Virginia to explain that 29 miners are dead not because of negligence on the part of the mine's owners, but because God Hates Fags, and America is full of 'em.

And a group of counter-protesters exercised their free speech rights, forcing the Westboro group to move several times. Ultimately, the police separated the two groups to prevent things from getting out of hand.

It's still nice to see people tell these whackjobs from Westboro that their view of a God who spends all of his time fixated on punishing people for tolerating homosexuality just isn't welcome.

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