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Terrorist Threat: al-Yutub

Thursday, Jan. 07, 2010 3:52 AM

I don't know about most of you, but I get nauseous any time I hear the words 'Pelosi,' 'Reid,' and compromise. The healthcare bill includes sharp trades like ditching the public option if the 'blue dogs' will allow anti-trust regulation - so you slam the door on something that would provide cost-lowering competition, and then expect that the insurance companies will accept regulation?

Is it pessimism? Not at all - the Democrats have consistently knuckled under and 'compromised' on issues they shouldn't have, such as the new and 'improved' FISA, that helped whitewash the Bush Administration's use of illegal wiretaps.

If the Democratic majority is at risk this November, it will be because of the Democratic habit of selling the store out from under themselves.

And frankly, if no one is going to prosecute Messrs. Bush and Cheney for war crimes, if we're going to let Republican senators openly advocate torture as American policy, maybe President Obama should just 'look forward, not backward' with a presidential pardon, and stop pretending he's any different than his predecessor.

Accountability is absolutely necessary in this matter, and we're failing.

CNN featured a segment where Very Serious Experts opined that al-Qaeda might use YouTube to recruit new members, because young men (Islamic? American?) would see the videos, comment on the videos, and talk to their friends, all steps on the slippery slope to terrorism.

So naturally, there should be some kind of policing of the internet or censorship of YouTube or banning of al-Qaeda videos.

I don't know about you, but the majority of comments on YouTube are barely literate, unless LOLS! OMGZ! FAIL! PWND! is some ultra-nasty terrorist code. (Not to mention, how is it that legions of right-wing extremists can flock to local newspapers and site like Huffington Post, but wouldn't be out patrolling the intertubes?)

Of course, policing YouTube might not net us Osama bin Laden, but it will conveniently allow a crackdown on pirated content and illegal distribution. We're safer! Wheeeeee!

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