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Fear Makes You Stupid

Thursday, May. 21, 2009 3:47 AM

Today's lesson in abject stupidity is the Democrats' waffling on the issue of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, because they're buying into the OMG!t33r0R1$T! crap being flung by leading Republicans. We can't just let these people roam the streets in our neighborhoods, warn the pants-wetting brigade.

Besides, Guantanamo is a lovely place! The prisoners get better health care than you or I! Really? That's our national security strategy? Run a summer camp for failed terrorists?

Are we to believe prisons that successfully hold dangerous criminals like Charles Manson and domestic terrorists like Ted Kazcynski somehow won't be able to contain the Jihad?

We're not talking about letting them out scott-free on the street. We're talking about ending an illegal and immoral practice and placing detainees under the law.

Or are we to believe (and cower in fear of) this ragtag assortment of Islamic fundamentalists is so incredibly powerful that our laws, our faith, and our society will crumble at the merest hint that they should enjoy the same rights under the law as you or I?

Terrorism works when the populace and its leaders allow themselves to be terrorized. Its objective is to influence our political direction and destroy us from within, or subject us to such unreasoning fear that we abandon our values to clutch at an illusion of safety.

The FBI has arrested several suspects in a plot to bomb several synagogues and possibly attack military planes with missiles.

The arrests are the result of a nearly year-long investigation. No ticking time bombs or waterboarding were involved.

There's no word on whether the plot was credible or not.

Update: Oh, yay. We caught another bunch of idiots thinking to bring the Jihad by buying ordnance from someone who turned out to be an FBI informant. Which means we're not dealing with 'homegrown terrorists,' as the fear squad will tell you - we're dealing with a bunch of wannabes who don't know how to build bombs, don't have access to weapons, don't have operational security, and believed someone who told them he had close connections to a major terrorist group.

And what's with the rider on the credit card holder bill of rights legislation?

Is it wrong to expect that the bill will deal with interest rates, fees, and the relationship between lender and lendee ... and not whether or not you can bring a loaded gun into a national park?

How'd you like it if someone put a rider legitimizing same-sex marriage on the next defense appropriations bill?

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