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Music Meme

Friday, Jan. 09, 2009 3:56 AM

Credit for this meme goes to Bindyree, who saw it on Facebook.

Take your iPod or other MP3 player, set it on shuffle, and list the first line of lyrics from the first 20 songs. (Obviously, if it's an instrumental, skip to the next song.)

Here's the results:

1. I've been alone with you inside my mind ...
2. People are strange, when you're a stranger ...
3. Mother told me to always follow the Golden Rule ...
4. Listen, children, to a story that was written long ago ...
5. When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school ...
6. Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans ...
7. The marching band came down along Main Street ...
8. Starry, starry night; paint your palette blue and grey ...
9. Spend all your time waiting for that second chance ...
10. We've been together since way back when ...
11. Why'd you tell me this? Were you looking for my reaction?
12. Sometimes the snow comes down in June ...
13. I never believed in things that I couldn't see ...
14. Say! Get up, and dance to the music!
15. Every day I sit beside you, on the bus to Madison Avenue ...
16. Spare a little candle, save some light for me ...
17. That old dog has chained you up all right, give you everything you need to live inside a twisted cage ...
18. He called her on the phone from a lonely, cold hotel room ...
19. Don't leave me in all this pain, don't leave me out in the rain ...
20. If there were no words ...

Post your answers in the comments section.

So, let me get this straight. The officer involved in the New Year's Eve shooting at the Fruitvale BART station resigns so he doesn't have to answer questions from his superiors, and the Alameda District Attorney says it could take up to two weeks before he knows if he has enough information to file criminal charges against Johannes Mehserle.

Let's see:

- Dead body.
- Videotape of officer drawing weapon, weapon discharging.

It seems there's grounds for criminal negligence / wrongful death at the very least. And this could ultimately spill over to the Oakland Police Department, which handles training for the BART Police.

Mehserle's father relates through a family friend that this has been a terrible time for the family, with threatening phone calls and having to leave their homes for safety.

Yes, the idiots threatening your family are wrong and little more than thugs. But try telling your son to man up and take responsibility for his actions.

A really embarassing typo in yesterday's print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle: an article on the Outdoor Expo happening in San Mateo referred to a seminar called 'Prospecting for Trou.' (It was supposed to be trout, as opposed to the slang term for pants, as in 'drop trou'.)

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Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-01-09 15:53:17
Wow, this is such an interesting exercise; it seems that folks know the *songs* really well, but don't parse the *lyrics*! Okay, here are mine: 1. Hello 2. When You're Strange 4. One Tin Soldier 5. Kodachrome 6. Shake, Rattle & Roll 8. Vincent 10. Still The One 12. Save The Best For Last.