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Sooooooo Not Ready

Monday, Nov. 03, 2008 3:58 AM

Sarah Palin:

- Still thinks her job as vice-president includes 'working with Congress' to pass legislation. This is the second or third time she's made this claim, and either no one in the campaign is bothering to correct her, or she's so busy being amazingly stupid, she isn't listening. Someone needs to explain to her the difference between the Executive and Legislative Branches of government.

- Believes being criticized for various comments is having her First Amendment rights abridged. I'm beginning to think this woman hasn't even read the Constitution.

- Thinks we're at war with Iraq and Iran. I'd think her highly-touted national security experience would include the simple fact of who we are and are not at war with.

Palin also fell victim to a phone prank by a pair of Quebec comedians, one of whom pretended to be French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Now, I'm sure if you're convincing enough, you can bluff your way past handlers and staff members. We can be fooled, and sometimes, it's incredibly easy to do.

But I'd love to see how that phone call got to Palin. Did it go through a hotel switchboard wherever she and McCain happen to be campaigning? And, if so, why didn't that ring any bells with anyone? There's got to be a point person for handling media and other contacts with the campaign, so the prank call has to follow a fairly strict procedure to get to Palin.

More astounding, though, is Palin launching into the same bland generalizations about her executive ability. You really think that's what the president of another country wants to hear?

It's been estimated that McCain's tax plan - the one that continues the tax cuts implemented by George W. Bush - would save Cindy McCain close to $400,000 in taxes.

Because the McCain campaign is all about helping Americans and small business owners.

From the Class Act Department, an interview in which House Minority Leader John Boehner calls Barack Obama a chicken shit. (H/T to D-Day.

And, no, the McCain Campaign isn't drawing racist nutjobs out of the woodwork at all. Can't imagine what would give you that idea.

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Bindyree aka Brin - 2008-11-03 16:53:53
I happen to have heard the sounnd byte; how. in the NAME. of all that is REASONABLE. did that woman FALL for these goobs?