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Thursday, Sept. 04, 2008 3:49 AM

John McCain wants you to know that if he didn't vet his vice-presidential pick thoroughly, it's All The Media's Fault.

The McCain Campaign also wants you to know how hard they had to work to revise Sarah Palin's the speech they had prepared for the Republican vice-presidential nominee because it was 'too masculine.'

Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, caught in a moment of off-mic candor:

"I think they went for this political bullshit about narratives," said Noonan.

Murphy described the pick as 'cynical' and 'gimmicky.'

If we're supposed to recognize and respect the Palins' privacy, how is it that little Trig keeps getting inserted into the conversation (and the picture) at every turn. And why Bristol (and now her boyfriend, Levi) are showing up for photo ops as John McCain arrives for the convention.

One of Palin's claims is that she fought against corruption and the old-boy network in Alaska.

Unfortunately, that was the corrupt, old-boy network of a Republican administration in a state with two Republican senators.

Palin quips that the difference between a 'community organizer' and a mayor is that the latter has actual responsibilities.

But then she goes on to say that 'we' are expected to govern with good will and a servant's heart. You know, like volunteering to work in your community without prommise of reward or recognition.

Palin's only mention of the economy during her speech was to trot out the old, 'Democrats will raise your taxes!' bugaboo.

And I'd like to know how the party which prides itself on its national security policy, despite harsh crackdowns on protesters in the area, missed - again - members of Code Pink, including Medea Benjamin, who interrupted Palin's speech last night.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says voters need to consider Palin's executive experience, something which Barack Obama purportedly lacks.

Funny, we've got two guys with executive experience in the White House right now, and it doesn't seem to be that much of a credit. (Of course, one of the two has driven three energy companies into the ground, and mismanaged a Major League Baseball franchise, so simply being an executive doesn't mean you're a good one.)

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