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Mukasey See, Mukasey Do?

Monday, Mar. 31, 2008 3:47 AM

It's no surprise to find Attorney General Michael Mukasey in San Francisco last Friday, parroting Vice President Dick Cheney's line that if we'd had a program of illegal, warrantless wiretaps prior to 9/11, we could have prevented 9/11. Mukasey also said we couldn't afford to wait for warrants when our national security was at stake.

Except FISA has always had a 72-hour provision for surveillance without a warrant, to cover that precise need.

Beyond that, it's disgusting to see the Attorney General of the United States arguing against the need for a warrant, as well as not understanding the fundamentals of FISA.

CIA Director General Michael Hayden is advising agency employees to acquire liability insurance, to protect them from lawsuits.

Now, let's see ... who would have reason to sue the CIA?

Maybe people who were incorrectly detained and even subjected to extraordinary rendition, like Maher Arar, or suspects who were tortured, like Jose Padilla?

By the way, since we apparently tortured Padilla but wound up trying him on completely unrelated conspiracy charges, how'd that torture stuff work out? Get any good intel from it?

Fighting has not completely ceased in Basra, despite Moqtada al-Sadr pulling his troops off the street, and the 'green zone' in Baghdad is still under mortar fire.

One of al-Sadr's points of contention is to prevent Iraq from becoming a U.S. 'puppet state.' (Of course, his vision is for a Shiite religious state.)

So, Bill Clinton's response to people who are saying Hillary should sit down and shut up is, 'No, you shut up!'

Well, not those exact words, but Bill is selling the same line of shit as Hillary - that this is somehow cutting people out of the process, and that this isn't dividing the party, it's making it stronger. (Which is right up there with Joe Lieberman saying his antics are about creating a stronger Democratic party.)

This isn't any different than Bush's habit of ignoring laws he doesn't like. Michigan and Florida ignored the rules of the DNC - knowing full well this could cost them their delegates. Hillary was asked to drop out of the Michigan Primary, refused, and now wants the delegates she 'won'. Florida's problems aren't so much the fault of the Republican-led state legislature, but that the Democrats all decided to vote in favor of legislation they knew would disenfranchise them completely.

And Al Gore was on 60 Minutes last night, announcing a $300 Million campaign to heighten environmental awareness (i.e., push the global warming agenda). But Gore didn't exactly win any points by insulting his opponents, likening them to Moon Landing Hoax believers and flat-earthers.

Then there's this whole 'Earth Hour' stupidity this past weekend, where cities darkened their buildings people were asked to darken their homes in support of the environment.

Here at the Ministry, we've replaced as many bulbs as possible with energy-saving CFLs. We don't leave lights on when we're not in a given room. But this isn't good enough? We're supposed to sit in the dark for an hour? (Or go out and sit in some brightly-lit restaurant, theater, or shopping mall?)

This is the point where it stops being anything remotely resembling science and more like rabid religious doctrine. We're not going to protect the environment by sitting in the dark; we're going to protect the environment by actively changing our lifestyles and how we generate electricity. (Besides which, the generators which supply the electricity for our homes and cities are still running, even if we're sitting in the dark like good little lemmings, and all of our conveniences like satellite tv and cell phones - the towers require power so you can make your calls - are still sucking up kilowatt hours.)

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