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3:00 AM and All's Well?

Thursday, Mar. 06, 2008 4:04 AM

Not only is Sen. Barack Obama correct to question Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's claim of experience in foreign policy emergencies, voters need to look past the rhetoric and do some critical thinking.

What will a president be facing at 3 AM in the morning? A domestic terrorist attack? Doubtful, as people, businesses, and daily commerce will be at their ebb. A foreign dignity being assassinated? Nothing requiring immediate action there, either, except on the diplomatic front. Further chaos in Iraq? Right, let's send more troops, that'll fix everything.

This 'I'll be there to answer the phone' line is meaningless. In fact, if the situation is such that the president must take immediate and decisive action at 3 AM, I suspect they've screwed up during daylight hours.

And just what was with Bush's little tap dance on the White House portico as he waited for Sen. John McCain to arrive for their joint appearance?

"I'm focusing on ... uh ... protecting America!" Bush said during their news conference.

Right. So that's why you're doing a monkey dance on the front steps. You've got two bungled wars, a key ally in the war on terror falling apart, an economy in the tank, oil prices rising and OPEC telling you to get bent ... shit, you can't even get the sentence about protecting America out in a single shot.

E. Gary Gygax, the man who created a game called 'Dungeons & Dragons,' has passed away.

And I've also recently learned that Erick Wujcik, who wrote for Palladium Games as well as created the Amber Diceless RPG, is suffering from cancer.

Dinner: Impossible chef Robert Irvine apparently had an impossible resume, as well. Except that Irvine's claims that he once worked at Buckingham Palace and is a Knight Commander of the Victorian Order are pure fiction.

So, why, exactly, did it take three years for Food Network to figure this out? I'd think that if someone claimed they worked for the British Crown, that'd be the first damned thing you checked.

And in case you're wondering, the 'new, improved' DiaryLand members area still sucks. I understand I'm just one user and one point of view, but ugly and dysfunctional doesn't get better looking after a couple of days.

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