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Donohue Needs A Golden Shovel

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007 3:50 AM

Earlier this week, I mentioned the brewing fuss over the film, 'The Golden Compass,' based on the children's books by Phillip Pullman. Some Christians are complaining that the film will lead unsuspecting parents to give the books to their children, books which are replete with the evils of Atheism.

CBS' Early Show dove into the fray by pitting Bill Donohue, the abrasive, angry spokesman for the Catholic League, against a spokeswoman for the American Atheists. As one might imagine, the ensuing 'debate' was little more than a shouting match of rival talking points, rather than a discussion of the intellectual and/or spiritual merits/flaws of the film and its parent works.

If your faith is so shallow as to be toppled by the fictional elements of a children's story, the problem is likely not to be with the books' Atheist author, but within yourself.

And perhaps someone should point out to Mr. Donohue that ignoring another religious belief (or absence thereof) doesn't make it go away. Neither does self-righteous bellowing.

In response to one voter's question on the death penalty and 'What Would Jesus Do?' candidate Mike Huckabee joked, "Jesus was too smart to ever enter public office."

An interesting comment from a man who has been crowing about his endorsements by religious figures and insists that terrorism is a war between religious ideologies.

"Jesus was too smart to ever enter public office." Would that qualify as an endorsement of the separation of church and state?

Richard Roberts, recently president of the scandal-plagued Oral Roberts University, says he resigned because 'God told him to.'

Roberts, the son of the university's namesake and founder, evangelist Oral Roberts, is the target of a lawsuit which accuses him of lavish spending while the univeristy was over $50 million in debt - including shopping sprees, purchasing a stable of horses, and sending his daughter to the Bahamas on the university's jet.

Previously, Roberts had maintained that God told him to deny the allegations.

And speaking of liars, Karl Rove claims that Congress 'forced President Bush to go to war in Iraq prematurely.'

Who was it, again, who kept telling us Iraq was a grave and growing threat? Who was it that kept spinning horrific visions of mushroom clouds and the consequences of leaving the world's most dangerous weapons in the hands of dangerous people?


And yet Karl is going to be offering a stream of such wisdom in a weekly column for Newsweek.

More unintentional comedy from former Attorney General John Ashcroft, who told an audience at the University of Colorado that the USA PATRIOT Act came from a need to, "... think differently, think outside the box . . . never think outside the Constitution."

When the audience booed, Ashcroft dusted off another old favorite, scolding those who are critical of the controversial law.

Ashcroft also implied that he would be willing to be waterboarded, though his exact words - "The things that I can survive, if it were necessary to do them to me, I would do." - suggest it's more of a show of machismo than to prove or disprove that waterboarding qualifies as torture.

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