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Selling Out America

Sunday, Aug. 05, 2007 6:07 PM

Apparently cowed into dutiful obeisance, the Democrats caved in and gave President Bush all the spying powers he wanted in the name of protecting the homeland.

Never mind that the craptastic speech touting how the 'counterterror team' sees the world as it really is, and They Know What Is Good For You is straight out of the fascist playbook.

They know the truth. They're acting in your best interests. Shut up. Comply. Don't question us.

And let's not forget that reality isn't playing well with others, or at least hasn't gotten the memo. Iraq has been FUBAR'd from the word go, and these mental midgets are still trying to cram the square peg into the round hole. Give it time. Surge, baby, surge.

But enough about them. It's kind of apparent we have idiots at the helm, so what are we going to do about them?

Hello? Democrats? Bueller? Anyone?

Giving this president more power to disregard the Constitution and spy on anyone, with only Alberto Gonzales to stand watch over the rights of the individual citizen, the free American, is an abrogation of your duties as an elected representative of the people.

How much fear-mongering and faux patriotism has to be crammed down your throats before you realize you're being fed a steady diet of shit? This isn't about protecting America, it's about Bush wanting to be in the history books. It's about covering up the fact that they went ahead and initiated sweeping surveillance programs in direct violation of the law.

And it wasn't because the law was inconvenient or impractical or broken, as Mr. Bush steadfastly insists. They didn't even try � they just decided to break the law.

If a president is in contempt of the law, he has no right to hold office. He has lost any and all moral authority to ask that Americans � whether citizens or members of the armed forces � sacrifice anything, whether it be the civil liberties and protections therein enshrined by the founding fathers of this country, or put their lives on the line for a battle where we are now arming the enemy. (There is both a weapons deal on the table for Saudi Arabia, and word that we are hiring and arming insurgents to help us secure Iraq.)

It's not the folks questioning the war who are predisposing us towards failure � it starts at the top.

But neither can we turn a poltroon and an idiot into a Douglas MacArthur by dint of giving him those things he claims to need to fight the good fight and win the big one. An idiot with a gun remains an idiot with a gun, and is far more dangerous.

Handing freebies to Mr. Bush is the worst kind of fence-sitting. It's hedging your bet in case Something Bad Happens, and refusing to take a stand yourself, because you don't want to be seen as wrong or 'weak on terrorism'.

If you're not willing to stand up for the fundamental principles that form the basis of our Constitution, if you are willing to hand the sanctity of individual civil rights to an Attorney General who thinks torture is acceptable, a Vice President who thinks we should have been spying on Americans all along, and a President who � despite being wrong time and again, despite coming up empty when it comes to facts � keeps asking for more power, more leeway, and the freedom to break the law as he sees fit ��you've gone from being a public servant to being an accomplice to nothing less than High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Hell, if we sit back and let our democracy be stolen from under us by someone like George W. Bush, et al, how can we ever hope to face these supposed hordes of clever and dangerous people who want to come to America and kill us all?

It's a certainty that we will not win the fight by selling those liberties which make America unique at the stroke of a pen.

Stop being George's co-dependents.

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