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Accountability? What's That?

Friday, Nov. 03, 2006 11:11 AM

Mikel Haas, the San Diego Registrar of Voters is either horribly ill-informed about the computer security issues regarding Diebold voting machines, a complete and total idiot, or a corrupt bastard paid to look the other way whilst paving the way for voter fraud in his county on November 7th.

According to first-hand accounts from poll workers, machines were sent home as early as October 16th, stored outside the protection of an access-controlled location.

Haas shrugged off concerns, remarking that they know where the machines are.

Hey, dumbshit, it's not just the location, it's access. You know, like when you're at the airport and they ask you if any of your bags have been out of your control? That's to make sure no one has tampered with your luggage.

And the scale is further tipped towards 'corrupt bastard' by the account of one man who claims poll workers are being told to NOT give paper ballots to voters, even if machines are unavailable when they show up to vote. (State law requires that paper ballots be made available to voters on request.)

Apparently no one noticed a subtle addition to the Defense Appropriations Act for FY 2007, which President Bush signed a couple of weeks ago.

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction will close next October.

The Inspector General has pointed out small details like the substandard work done by Halliburton (contaminated drinking water for the troops) and Parsons (a police academy where sewage leaks from the ceiling).

But it's nice to know accountability will be sacrificed so the Bush Administration can spin the image of a freer, more hopeful Iraq.

If you travel across our national border, you're a suspect.

The government plans to expand passenger tracking of foreign travelers to people who enter or leave the country, period.

"We have been doing risk assessments of cargo and passengers coming into and out of the U.S.," said DHS Spokesman Jarrod Agen. "We have the authority and the ability to do it for passengers coming by land and sea."

Oh, and the program is exempt from the Privacy Act of 1974, which would allow a citizen to access records to see if a system contains a record pertaining to them, for the purpose of contesting the content of that record.

And the White House claims there is mounting evidence that Iran and Syria are plotting to overthrow the Lebanese government.

But they won't say what that evidence is.

Of course, I'm sure that letting Israel conduct a month-long bombing campaign against Lebanon Hezbollah didn't impact the country's stability.

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