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Feebriel - 2009-03-17 12:15:50
Really? They're actually doing ALL of that? I'm Canadian, and haven't been following too many things in the States, nor do I watch television, so all of this comes as a bit of a...shock? I guess is the word. Not so much the television thing, that's just stupid and I've been expecting stuff like that for a while. But the fact that Obama himself had to go and say those things...Doesn't that imply that he has nothing better to do? Which I know ISN'T the case, but it doesn't paint a very accurate picture of his role as president. But I guess if no one else steps up and does or say this stuff, then the only one in the White House who doesn't have s double digit IQ should probably get his shit together and just take care of it. Oh, yeah, like your diary so far. :3 Have a nice week.

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