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Brin - 2006-06-05 03:21:54
Why do tree rings from thousands of years back and ice rings from MILLIONS of years back show the same patterns that we're seeing nowadays? Those rises and falls in temperatures weren't caused by industry because there wasn't any.

Minister - 2006-06-05 13:08:53
The film examines those 'patterns' and refutes the conclusion that this is the same-old same-old. And if Jerry Falwell doesn't believe in global warming, and George W. Bush doesn't believe in global warming, those are two excellent reasons to at least consider the possibility. Falwell's busy trying to bring about the Rapture (which, if THAT doesn't exist, just means bringing about the end of the world ... what's he gonna say, "Oh, sorry, I was wrong?"); Bush hires hack college kids to edit scientific documents.

John - 2006-06-05 14:48:58
Junk science, Bob, junk science. You know what GIGO means...

Minister - 2006-06-06 02:45:55
Both the presence/increase of population and industry makes any current trend different from those in the past; that's basic control of a science experiment. If the same conditions do not exist, the experiment is invalid. // We understand the basic mechanism of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reflecting solar radiation, affecting both land and water; this is why Venus is such a vacation spot.

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