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Debate Buffoonery

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 5:05 AM

As expected, Herman Cain took a few broadsides over his 9-9-9 tax plan, which may have originated in the SimCity series of games, with Rep. Michelle Bachmann opining that even a 9% tax rate cannot be trusted to Congress, and that a liberal Congress, a liberal president, could raise that to 90%.

Ahem. You are a sitting member of Congress, yes? You have served under a Democratic president and with a Democratic majority?

Stop scare-mongering.

Then there's Mitt Romney and Rick Perry slinging mud at each other over immigration, trying to outdo each other over who should be excluded or who isn't worthy.

How about a proposal to address the illegal immigration issue? Let's see some solutions other than throwing people in jail. Make the 'problem' solve itself.

Instead, candidates are trading barbs down to who is more godly or more Christian (and, if you're in a 'debate' where you're basically slinging mud, how Christian is that?).

The system won't change until we, as voters, change it. It's time to stop electing idiots, ideologues, liars, and self-serving millionaires.

Oh, and President Obama? Stop waiting for these idiots to wake up or wise up - they don't like you. Some of them are still playing the 'birther' card. Most of them have pledged to undo everything you've done as the first act in their presidency.

When your opposition is busy calling you everything from a socialist to an illegal alien, they're not an audience you can persuade, not one that will be won over by reason - they're just crazy.

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