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Ten Years Later

Friday, Sept. 09, 2011 5:46 AM

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America reeled in shock as terrorists attacked us brazenly, openly. 3,047 men and women were killed.

And ten years later, we're still weeping and gnashing our teeth. Going to war was necessary, but has provided neither the respite nor revenge we hoped for. Instead, the frailties of our leaders came to light as they tortured and lied their way through a poorly thought out response. Our resilience and patience was tested not by way of recovery, but of stubborness on the part of these same leaders.

It is time to stop being terrorized. Time to reclaim that can-do American spirit. We have faced worse, and we have faced disaster without being brought to our knees. The day should not be carried by those who fear being taken over by Islam (as if such were even possible), socialism, or other bogeymen; it should be won by those who understand America's strength runs deep. It is in the freedoms we enjoy (and should be loathe to surrender, ever) and all that we have achieved over our existence. Music. Cinema. Skyscrapers. Industry. We have gone to the moon. We triumph in the Olympics. We are still a nation of leaders and innovators.

9/11 may have changed many things, but it is a single day - and not even the first time we've faced an unexpected attack by those who see America as something that can be toppled.

Our national motto says it plainly: e pluribus unum - out of many, one.

Remember the fallen, treasure their memory - but don't ever give in to fear. Where there is doubt, we should instill confidence. Where there is weakness, we should lend our strength. Instead, we are being treated to 'new' and 'never before released' video and audio of that day. How does it help us to better understand events, aid in our recovery, or establish/understand better security?

Stand up, America.

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