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Fear Is The Mind-Killer

Monday, Oct. 04, 2010 3:26 AM

The fun begins as the newsroom finally begins the changeover to a video server instead of videotape. (This has been talked about for over ten years, and subject to budget constraints among other factors, including anti-Mac sentiments.)

The editing staff is first off the block, switching to Final Cut Pro. However, we're still capturing and playing back material via tape. So your edit session has to factor this in. As we make the switch, once video is recorded from the field, it's accessible on the server, and playback is also server-based, so the editing process is (supposed to) become a bit more streamlined.

Next week, the server will be running in parallel to our daily workload. Everyone in the newsroom should be prepared for the big debut ...

... which happens the week I'm on vacation. That's probably good and bad, but I'm not switching vacation dates.

And can we please stop getting our knickers in a knot about terrorism? Shoot, for a guy hiding in a cave, this schmuck bin Laden has successfully made governments quake in their boots. And if he's dead (remember, he was on dialysis), then we're running scared from a dead guy.

Here's how it works. If authorities issue a warning and nothing happens, why, then, clearly, the ham-handed and outright stupid security measures must be working. (Stupid: banning 3 oz. bottles when math is commutative. 3+3+3+3=12.)

If authorities issue a warning and something does happen, but they catch it in time, then, clearly, the ham-handed and outright stupid security measures must be working, but we need more of them so we can achieve the mythical goal of 'zero attacks.'

If, regardless of a warning being issued or not, a major terrorist attack takes place, the same authorities responsible for the ham-handed and outright stupid security will insist on even more ham-handed and idiotic security measures.

And throughout it all, all the terrorists have to do is gab about how they're going to bring America or some other part of the Western World to its knees.

Do you feel safer now?

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