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Not Tea Time Just Yet ...

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010 3:53 AM

A number of 'Tea Party' candidates won their respective primaries last night, heading for a November showdown with Democrats.

Now the fun begins, as the GOP 'mainstream' tries to either rein in or ride the bronco they fed on populism, fear, and hatred.

The problem with the Tea Party, of course, is that they speak of 'restoring America' and the vision of the founding fathers ... but never quite get around to what this means.

They're all for the freedom of religion, as long as it's Christianity.

They're all for the right to bear arms so you can overthrow a tyrranical government, but never seem to consider that this same principle opens the door to armed insurrection against themselves. Tyrrany under the banner of Christ is still tyrrany.

They're all for striking the 14th Amendment to solve the 'anchor baby' problem, but don't seem to realize the 14th also guarantees equal protection under the law. (Of course, if they do realize this, and they still think that's a bad idea, then it tells you everything you need to know about the Tea Party. Non-whites need not apply.)

They talk about the Biblical principles upon which the law is founded, but this apparently applies only to gays/lesbians, and not to the adulterers and harlots in their midst (According to Leviticus, Mark Sanford and David Vitter should be stoned to death, and Bristol Palin should be burned at the stake.)

It's a given that the system is breaking/broken, that somehow, we've gotten to a point where civil discourse and cooperation is impossible. But voters are actually ready to elect people on the say-so of Sarah Palin, who can't actually name any of the founding fathers when asked? Or of Glenn Beck, a man who hawks a fraudulent cash-for-gold scheme? (And don't forget economic wizard Ben Stein, who's now the pitchman for one of those free-but-not-actually-free credit report scam websites.)

But, as anyone who's ridden the tea cups at Disneyland can tell you, a tea party involves a lot of spin, and you're dizzy (if you don't actually blow chunks) afterwards.

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