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Now In Four States!

Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2010 3:46 AM

As BP tries yet another desperate throw of the dice to stem the tide of oil caused by their greed and corrupt practices, that tide is approaching the Florida coast and the white sands of Pensacola Beach. (It's already showing up on barrier islands off Alabama and Mississippi.)

But BP has apparently been sitting on aid requests for three weeks.

Poor Tony Hayward. In an interview the other day, he expressed wishes that this was all over and he could 'get his life back.'

Well, boofuckinghoo. I imagine you're staying in a rented house or four-star hotel on the company dime, while cleanup workers are living in tents on the beach and getting sick from the fumes from your so-called dispersant.

I imagine that, even if you were fired and rode out of town on the proverbial rail, you're better off financially than any of the families and fishermen that have lost their livelihoods due to your corporation's negligence.

Attorney General Eric Holder is launching an investigation into BP's practices, the precursor to possible criminal and civil charges against the corporation.

That's a long road to travel, and I doubt the Justice Department will be any more successful nailing BP's hide to the wall than they were in bringing Goldman Sachs to heel.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has ruled that your protections against self-incrimination, namely, the right to remain silent as presented in the standard Miranda rights advisory, are only in effect if you tell officers you're invoking them.

So, let's get this straight - the 5th Amendment has been reduced to a legalistic mash-up of don't ask/don't tell?

Okay. Say, does that apply to BP executives, who have all made appearances on the news to smooth over their little accident? Or just to suspected terrorists and illegal aliens?

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