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Like It Or Not

Monday, Apr. 19, 2010 3:43 AM

Last week, President Obama remarked in a speech that, "... like it or not, we remain a dominiant military superpower."

To which world-class ditz Sarah Palin replied that she didn't understand. In her book, America wants to be a superpower, likes being a superpower, and Obama's remark is further proof of his inherent anti-Americanism.

Except Palin ignored the rest of Obama's statement, where he pointed out that status often means we end up getting dragged into other conflicts. It's the axiom of with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility. As a superpower, America must be the older, more responsible sibling; the mentor; the exemplar; and - far more often - a global policeman.

Whether we - or our enemies - like it or not.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates notes that the U.S. lacks a coherent long-term strategy for dealing with Iran.

Which, to some, like Senator John McCain, means we shouldn't just talk, we should 'pull the trigger.' This from the guy who was singing, "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran ..." in 2007.

Admiral Michael Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, notes, �Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be incredibly destabilizing. Attacking them would also create the same kind of outcome. In an area that�s so unstable right now, we just don�t need more of that.�

Speaking of responsibility, today is the day where self-proclaimed 'patriots' are going to gather in Washington, D.C. for an open carry rally - bearing loaded guns worn openly on their belts or slung across their shoulders.

As I've remarked previously, I don't have a beef with gun ownership.

But when you couple this little sideshow with the rhetoric that the 2nd Amendment is All About Overthrowing A Tyrannical Government, we're talking a whole 'nother subject.

Today is also the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the work of other self-proclaimed patriots named Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

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