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No Time to Work, Plenty of Time to Whine?

Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010 3:42 AM

So the argument from the various Republican state attorneys general seeking the repeal of the healthcare reform legislation is that requiring citizens to purchase insurance from a private corporation/provider is unconstitutional.

The Obama Administration is arguing that this is entirely legal and covered as interstate commerce, over which Congress has authority.

But even if the Obama Administration is wrong, the best the whining crybabies in the GOP can hope for is the removal of mandatory coverage. Everything else is legal and need not be overturned.

There's also the possibility that the Supreme Court (though this is the court that ruled corporations = person in Citizens United) could rule that the remedy is to implement a public option.

In the end, the Republicans aren't likely to get what they want.

And there's still been nary a word from Republicans about the folks yelling 'nigger' and 'faggot' at legislators over the weekend. One militia type encouraged his followers to lob bricks through windows, and they did.

'Nigger' is not a legitimate position in a rational discussion, civil debate, or the rule of law. Neither is 'faggot.'

But conservative talking heads are dismissing such speech as justifiable concern and/or anger from voters who feel they're being ignored.

When did conservative principles become indistinguishable from racism?

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