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Smart Mouthing?

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010 3:54 AM

The healthcare reform 'summit' hosted by President Obama was a spectacular waste of time. The format lent itself to speechmaking rather than a 'bipartisan' solution. Sure, Obama got in a few rebukes to the Republicans, but that's not getting any work done.

All we're left with is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promises: use of the reconciliation process to pass a bill in short order.

Despite repeated calls for and promises of a public option, this is the first thing Reid and Pelosi toss out the window. So how can we believe any promise they make?

And the Republicans are no better. We can spend billions funding wars and bringing democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq, but we can't provide basic healthcare (and, no, that doesn't mean access to a hospital emergency room) for our own citizenry?

Meanwhile, you have WellPoint/Anthem/BlueCross jacking up their premiums by as much as 39% in California, because 'costs have gone up.' Where? How? When was the last time you saw your paycheck shoot up over 2% in any given year?

Rising costs? More like shafting everyone you can for profit.

Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor and older brother of George W. Bush, former Texas Governor and former President of the United States, offers the opinion that future aspirants to the office of POTUS must possess 'intellectual curiousity.'

Perhaps you thought that sham reading contest your brother had with Karl Rove established his intellectual bona fides, but George somehow managed to read over 75 'books' (since we later discovered he included the morning newspaper as a 'book'), yet show none of the quality you now insist is essential to sound leadership.

And let's face it, the Republicans have picked some real winners: Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, Sarah 'All of Them!' Palin, Bobby 'The Exorcist' Jindal, and Michael 'Bling-Bling' Steele, to name a few.

Did you know the California Department of Corrections doesn't consider Wicca to be a religion (and therefore does not recognize Wiccan priests/priestesses as ministers or allow them to visit inmates in that capacity)?

One group has even filed an amicus brief stating that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion only applies to Christianity or monotheistic faiths.

While I applaud the young man whose campaign inspired this next bit of political theater, the California State Legislature, which has been unable to turn in a budget on time for the past several years, found time to debate and declare the first week of March 'No Cussing Week.'

It's a non-binding resolution with no enforcement, so it's not like there are language police running about to scrub one's mouth out, but really.

Run late with another year's budget, and I think there will be plenty of cussing around the State Capitol.

And let's not forget San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, who vowed to say the word, 'FUCK!' at every meeting this year.

Removing profanity does not magically restore civility to politics or public discourse, any more than school prayer turns out well-educated and well-mannered children.

The Ministry has received 2 comment(s) on this topic.

Brin aka Bindyree - 2010-02-26 21:38:27
Just posting another viewpoint here: I've been pagan / Wiccan for twenty years this week, and I've *never* required a clergy person from my faith to know that I'm strong in my faith. Besides, how 'Wiccan' could a person be who manages to end up in prison? Harm None Except When I Rob A Bank To Feed My Drug Habit isn't how the rede is supposed to be. :-P

Minister - 2010-02-26 23:18:54
One can end up in prison for a number of reasons other than violent crime or drug-related offenses. And I suppose there's the possibility that one might find faith while incarcerated with plenty of time to think.