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New & Improved?

Friday, Feb. 19, 2010 3:51 AM

So which is it? Are we expecting a domestic terror attack in the next few months, or not? Should we look upon the aerial photos of the collapsing towers on 9/11 and be afraid, or not?

And when a disturbed individual posts a manifesto/suicide note online, then flies a plane into the side of a building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas, by way of protest, is it terrorism, or not?

As I continually point out, the constant whipping up of fear does us no good, whether it's fear of terrorism or Glenn Beck-ish paranoia about the government a-comin' to get your money.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is slated to get a new name next month, SecDef Gates and the JCS approving the new, spiffy moniker of Operation New Dawn.

Because we done gone mission accomplished on the former or something.

Singer/songwriter Elton John has opined that Jesus Christ was gay.

Which elicited the expected storm of 'how dare you say that!' from outraged 'Christians' in the comments thread over at Huffington Post.

For a moment, let's credit John with being right. How does Christ's supposed sexual orientation invalidate His teachings? Would it mean that professional gay-bashers like Rev. Fred Phelps and Proposition 8 supporters would have to re-examine their beliefs?

Or would they simply plow right on, insisting that God endorses their petty hatreds?

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