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Enough Waiting & Waffling!

Tuesday, Feb. 09, 2010 3:50 AM

President Obama is inviting both Democratic and Republican members of Congress to meet with him later this month and present their ideas on healthcare reform.

Mr. President, they don't have a plan. Or have you not been paying attention the past year? The Democrats have been falling over each other trying to be the first to concede, and the Republicans have been spending all of their time doomsaying about socialism, the evil socialist in the Oval Office, and death panels.

We were promised a robust public option, then that was walked back, then floated again, and now Speaker Pelosi is singing the old 'we don't have the votes, and I'm not sure if anyone really wants it' ditty. (Hint: the way to get a supermajority is to be true to your word and get things done, not promise things and fail to deliver.)

What we need is clear and focused leadership, not a bipartisan focus group and warm fuzzies. You called out the Republicans just last week, and you'll note that they've not changed their tune one bit. So what do you feel will be accomplished by another public flogging?

Get real. Some of these people still think you were born in Kenya. And the truth is, you have no power over them - because generous contributions by corporate donors has undermined the foundations of good governance for a long time.

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whystinger - 2010-02-09 16:50:25
Loved your comments. Especially about Socialism... So, public schools - isn't that technically socialism? Yet nobody is against public schools. Too bad that both the Democrats and Republicans have their own agenda and not the good of the American people in mind. Keep writing about this - more need to know about YOUR opinion, because we really only get the news the networks want us to hear. We need rational opinion (like yours) to show folks the way.