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Bush's FUBAR Is Now Obama's War

Wednesday, Dec. 02, 2009 3:56 AM

President Obama has approved the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, at an estimated cost of a billion dollaras per soldier (training, support, transport).

And yet we can't get healthcare reform through Congress? We're moving too fast? It costs too much? Afghanistan and its fledgling democracy is more important than Americans without health insurance and corporations making obscene profits while denying people coverage?

Obama assures us that this decision involves the safety and security of the United States, that our enemies are still lurking about and plotting.

So how are we in the position of being behind the 8-ball and needing to send more troops, other than the previous administration trying to do things on the cheap and/or diverting troops to their other war in Iraq?

Why is it that the announced strategy of 'village by village' sounds like a fresh coat of paint on 'clear, hold, and build' from Iraq? Or perhaps 'the Afghan people need to take responsibility' sounds familiar? New president, same tired sales pitch.

Hell, even the criticisms are the same - setting a timetable for withdrawal will just tell our enemies they can wait us out ... as if our enemies have no ability to judge opportunity. And what, pray tell, have we been doing to improve our security at home? Color-coded panic attacks? Plastic sheeting and duct tape? A bunch of Very Serious Republicans pissing their pants over trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a criminal court?

Furthermore, if I have to listen to one more Expert Analyst tell us how important Afghanistan is, how important Pakistan is as its neighbor, I think I'm going to puke. Really? You're just figuring out that doing a half-assed job and chasing the Taliban into nuclear-capable Pakistan was a bad idea? Where the fuck were you in 2003, when Bush and Cheney were doing their Svengali routine with the media?

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