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Boondoggle Millionaire(s)

Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 3:44 AM

It's so nice to know that while foreclosures are still on the rise and experts are talking about a 'jobless recovery' (i.e., we lost jobs, we're not getting any back, but, hey, it's all shiny now!), our friends in the GOP can be counted on to shaft the American public.

Their latest stunt was to block legislation by Sen. Chris Dodd that would limit credit card interest rates.

So the banks and financial institutions, imperiled by a crashing economy, got a $700 billion-plus bailout. That's money that is supposed to be going back out to consumers and small businesses. But the banks have been charging us exorbitant interest rates on money that essentially came from us to begin with.

And you can pretty much guess the federal government isn't going to get repaid $700 billion, or see a penny in interest. Neither will the taxpayers.

Sarah Palin actually learned something from John McCain. Like how to confuse Iran with Iraq.

But, you know, if you're critical of her, it's because you're a lonely, shallow person who needs to be prayed for/over.

FOX News did it again - they showed footage of a McCain/Palin rally and described it as the crowd at one of Palin's book-signing events.

Their excuse this time was, 'a copy editor changed the script,' which sort of works for something like the now/then mashup that Sean Hannity got caught airing, but not for a specific day-of event.

And is there no one producing or directing the show? No one who would say, "Hey, wait a minute, that's the wrong tape."?

Add their charming habit of putting a (D) next to the names of disgraced Republicans any time a scandal breaks, and you've a pattern of total incompetence or deliberate malice.

We're happy to ascribe the former to FOX News if they don't want to acknowledge the latter.

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