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For All?

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009 3:49 AM

Kudos to 10 year-old Will Phillips, a 5th Grader in Arkansas who is staging an unusual protest.

He's refusing to join other students in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Will's reasoning is fairly direct; the Pledge asserts 'liberty and justice for all,' but, clearly, since same-sex couples lack the ability to be married, this is not true. And, therefore, he cannot, in good conscience, recite the Pledge.

One teacher was so angered that they sent Will to the principal's office. Some of Will's schoolmates are calling him names like, 'gaywad.'

But the young man remains steadfast.

I think it's rather telling that a child is able to approach the subject in a direct and rational manner, while 'adults' are behaving in a childish manner.

Speaking of adults behaving in a childish manner, we come to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who explains the GOP's approach to the Senate version of the healthcare reform bill passed by the House.

The GOP plans to bury it under amendments and delay it for several months.

It appears some wingnuts are upset about President Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor, because it's 'treasonous' or shows he's subservient to Japan or something.

Grow the fuck up.

President Obama is a visiting dignitary. It is entirely proper to show respect through the appropriate cultural gesture.

When it comes to the myth of the big bad terrorist - figures like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who are SO big, SO bad, SO dangerous that we daren't allow them trial by law, or even to set foot on American soil - I think we need to keep it all in perspective.

After all, when you're 5 years old, the monsters under the bed are big, bad, and dangerous. You need bright lights, stuffed animals, and maybe even a baseball bat to protect yourself. Mom & Dad have to check under the bed just in case new monsters have set up light housekeeping.

The last notable figure that was conflated into a major threat was a guy named Saddam Hussein. He had an army of crack troops. He had WMD's stockpiled, just waiting to be used. He had impenetrable bunkers.

His troops broke and ran. He didn't have the WMD's we claimed or feared. He ran and hid in someone's basement, not a luxurious bunker. When he was caught, he clearly hadn't shaved since American troops hit the ground, and was in scruffy clothes - not his usual, crisp military garb.

So let's do ourselves a favor, stop making the Gitmo detainees out to be invincible zombies that will engulf our country in flames, and put the bastards on trial like common criminals.

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