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Designated Stupidity?

Thursday, Oct. 08, 2009 3:53 AM

A Mill Valley woman is in trouble with the law for using a designated driver: her 13 year-old son. It appears that Heather Choulos and her boyfriend had consumed sufficient alcoholic beverages over dinner to make driving home an iffy thing.

So in order to avoid another DUI charge, Choulos directed her son to drive her Land Rover. Her son had never operated a motor vehicle before, let alone an SUV. The young man made a wrong turn and got flustered, finally refusing to continue and stopping in the middle of the street.

Choulos, apparently, was in the back seat making out with her boyfriend.

She's been charged with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have discovered another ring around the planet Saturn.

The ring begins 3.7 million miles away from Saturn and extends another 7.4 million miles. It is so diffuse that it was only detected through an infrared telescope.

As Bindyree mentioned, fitness icon Jack LaLanne turned 95 yesterday. He came by KPIX to do a talkback for another station. Still spry, still witty, perhaps a bit hard of hearing, but a charming gentleman who still champions the simple message of eating right and getting enough exercise.

(A 'talkback' is where a guest is available only via an affiliated station, and interviewed remotely.)

It's getting to the season where most working folks have to puzzle through the mish-mash of healthcare options offered by their employer. PPO vs. HMO. HSA's and supplemental insurance.

That means consumers are going to be even more mindful of their choices and their dollars as Congress continues to shill for the insurance companies and tell us we don't need a public option.

So why is it we can fling $750 billion at financial executives, talk about throwing 40,000 more troops at a botched war ... but healthcare reform is a drag-your-heels waffle fest?

Vote the bums out. Every last frackin' one of them, from the Oval Office to the freshmen Representatives. I think we need to start paying these lazy bums minimum wage, with appropriately downsized benefits, because I get better service at a McDonald's.

Change, my ass. Apparently, the Najibullah Zazi case is now the reason the Obama Administration will be maintaining key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act and the 'revised' FISA statutes (which include telecom amnesty for their part in playing junior spies with Georgie the Wonder President).

Remember, the only reason FISA was amended was because Alberto Gonzales couldn't be arsed to process a retroactive warrant.

Where is the common sense talk of security instead of color-coded panic attacks and 9/11 harum-scarum?

Heard in the Eyewitness Newsroom: "Imelda Marcos? Who's that?"

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John - 2009-10-13 02:27:43
"Vote the bums out. Every last frackin' one of them, from the Oval Office to the freshmen Representatives" -- BRAVO!!!