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With A Bullet?

Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009 3:57 AM

A man named William Kostric thought he'd make a point by carrying a semi-automatic pistol in a leg holster to President Obama's town hall meeting in New Hampshire this past Tuesday.

Kostric also carried a sign referencing Thomas Jefferson's quote about 'The Tree of Liberty must oft be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants.'

Apparently, it's legal to carry a handgun openly in that neighborhood. As to why, Kostric isn't very coherent, rambling about how he was 'showing the other end of it' and trying to 'pull people to his side.' (He is identified as a Ron Paul supporter.)

So if you're a patriot, Jefferson's quote speaks to self-sacrifice; otherwise, it's implied that you're up for popping some caps on a tyrant. Since it was a town hall being conducted by President Obama, it's safe to say you're fingering him as the latter.

This is more of the 2nd Amendment horseshit - that the right to bear arms is so us plain folk can rise up and overthrow a government gone crack-addict crazy on us. It's an argument that ignores substantive elements of the Constitution, such as the basic checks and balances comprised by the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government.

So why are you bringing a gun to a town hall meeting? What role does it play in responsible, civil discourse?

And Kostric isn't alone. Aides for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) called the police after someone dropped a gun on the floor of the Safeway where she was speaking.

One conservative commentator suggested that the gun's owner might have had a concealed-carry permit. Well and good, but if you're dumb enough to carry your gun in a pocket or tucked in your waistband so that it falls out in the middle of a crowd, it seems to me you're spectacularly unqualified to own a gun, let alone carry one concealed.

The program's host, CNN's John Roberts, can only offer a dumbfounded 'duh ... okay' by way of response.

And maybe the dog ate my homework. I mean, really - it could have happened!

Why does anyone feel the need to show up packing a pistol in the first place? What are you going to do when your congressman doesn't say what you want them to, or dismisses your concerns about 'death panels' as nonsense? Whip out your pistol and wave it about to make your point?

There's talk that former Vice-President Dick Cheney may be writing a 'tell all' book, and that in conversations with friends, Cheney has alluded to the 'statute of limitations' on some of his 'secrets' having expired.

So either the king of state secrets is going to spill the beans because he thinks such secrets are no longer vital to national security, or that he'll be admitting that he broke the law and is hiding behind a technicality.

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