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Hey! You Can't Spy On US!!!

Thursday, Aug. 06, 2009 3:47 AM

Among the voices critical of any actual diplomatic efforts in returning journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee to the United States was former Clinton advisor turned conservative shill, Dick Morris, who suggested that the two women were messing around where they shouldn't have been, and should have just been left to cope with the consequences of their actions.

Morris ignores that the circumstances of the journalists' arrest were questionable at best, with North Korean troops allegedly crossing into China to pursue Ling and Lee. Furthermore, their story was an investigation into an illicit slave trade (mostly women).

Beyond that, if we break faith with our own people, what's to prevent an unfriendly nation from arresting an innocent civilian, announcing charges, and sentencing them to prison or having them executed? Morris' 'who gives a fuck' attitude would mean we just shrug, figure the poor schlubs did something to deserve it, and leave them to twist in the wind.

It seems that the suspect in the Pittsburgh fitness club shootings not only wrote about his issues with women, he had a few things to say about the election of "The Black Man" and the 'liberal media.'

These guys are becoming more prevalent than Billy Mays infomercials.

The American Psychological Association has issued a statement declaring that 'reparative therapy' (popular among the conservative pray-away-the-gay crowd) does not have an impact on one's sexual orientation and may, in fact, lead to other problems including depression and suicidal tendencies.

Well, duh.

And then there's Senator John "Civil liberties don't mean anything if you're dead!" Cornyn fear-mongering about how the White House's request for citizens to report 'fishy' e-mails regarding healthcare reform to an illicit surveillance program intended to build a political enemies list and persecute those who don't agree with Obama's agenda.

Funny how when the Bush Administration was looking for terrorists hiding under the bed, Cornyn wanted everyone to STFU about free speech and the right to privacy. Gosh, Senator - if you're not doing anything wrong, what are you worried about?

Or, better yet, let's quote former Attorney General John Ashcroft: "To those who would scare freedom-loving people with phantoms of lost liberties, I say this: you are only aiding terrorists."

*SPLAT* Oh, I'm sorry ... did any of that get on you?

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