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Budgetary Shell Game

Thursday, Jul. 23, 2009 3:43 AM

There's a budget deal on the table in California, but the initial reaction from local governments is just short of hostile.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wrote an op-ed over at Huffington Post, while mayors of several cities in Solano County held a news conference. Fairfield Mayor Harry Price pointed out that Bernie Madoff went to jail for stealing scads of cash ... and that perhaps we should take a long, hard look at the Governor and the Big Five.

One of the items I found interesting in the budget proposal is the offering of drilling rights off the coast near Santa Barbara, which is listed as bringing at least $100 million into the state's coffers.

If operating state parks is too much of a financial burden, then it seems foolish to introduce the risk of another major oil spill off the California coast.

Right, I know: decades ago, better safeguards, etc., etc. - but an oil spill would be an oil spill. "Not as bad," really isn't saying much.

If CNN's Lou Dobbs wants to whine about illegal immigrants, I suppose that's fair enough. I disagree with him on a number of points, but immigration is still a valid subject.

But giving air time to this loony-tunes Orly Taitz and her crusade to prove Barack Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and therefore can't be POTUS? For shame.

Taitz claims to be a lawyer, but her degree is from a correspondence course and - at a stretch - would qualify her to practice law only in California, where she has not passed the bar.

But that doesn't matter, because Taitz believes she is being silenced by a conspiracy involving President Obama, the FBI, the Supreme Court, and anonymous computer hackers.

I can only wonder when Dobbs will have a show featuring the flat-earth/moon landing fakery crowd.

Not far from Lou Dobbs is Liz Cheney, who opined that the birth certificate issue is a serious and legitimate one, because it might explain why Obama is 'reluctant' to defend America abroad.

Liz, what he's not defending and having to apologize for are your daddy's war crimes.

A Boot to the Head to the Huffington Post for a fluff piece on 'hot' news anchors in the New York market.

Walter Cronkite's funeral is later today. Surely, the folks at Huffington Post could find a better way to memorialize the man, to elevate the discussion about journalism beyond the usual memes of 'mainstream media' and 'corporate-owned media' than to run a story about which bright-eyed and perfectly coiffed news reader is the most handsome/pretty?

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