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Just Take A Hike

Thursday, Jun. 25, 2009 3:55 AM

So the saga of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ended with his tear-filled apology and the 'truth' - that he'd been having an affair with a married Argentinian woman (currently unidentified except for the name, 'Maria') for the past year, and flown down there to end said affair.

Um, right.

I don't doubt the story about the affair, but if your spouse is having one, wouldn't the last thing you do be to send them off into the arms of their lover for a final farewell?

Sanford says he spent the last few days crying. Over what? The wife and kids sitting in South Carolina while he explains things to his mistress?

And Sanford has not resigned from his office, even though he told no one where he was, did not delegate authority in his absence, and left the country.

If he were a military officer, that would constitute dereliction of duty.

While we're on the subject of hypocrisy, it should be no surprise that FOX News identified Sanford as a Democrat in an on-screen caption.

Considering how often that happens, we shouldn't accept the story that it's 'just a typo.'

It's repeated, methodical dishonesty.

I started my career in news typing up Chyrons, and knowing who belonged to which party was part of the job. If you're a writer, editor, producer, or a reporter, you're supposed to know these things as well.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews led a panel of 'serious journalists' in discussing whether or not there was a 'curse' on the slate of potential Republican candidates for president in 2012.

Look, people ... 2012 is three years from now. It's bad enough the 2008 campaign was made hideous with ridiculous cheerleading and solemn predictions a year in advance, including Matthews' gushing about 'inevitable Hillary.'

Would a curse make Sanford less of a liar or an adulterer?

A Boot to the Head to KPIX' 'Washington Insider' Marc Sandalow, who opined that David Vitter and Elliot Spitzer broke the law by taking up with prostitutes, while Mark Sanford's problem is a personal failure.

Adultery is a crime in South Carolina.

One final bit of irony from the Sanford story. It had been suggested that the governor had gone 'hiking in the Appalachians.'

The day this theory was floated was Naked Hiking Day.

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