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Media Day?

Wednesday, Apr. 08, 2009 3:46 AM

The Giants are off to a good start with an opening-day win, 10-6, over the Milwaukee Brewers.

US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger threw the ceremonial first pitch.

Media Moment #1: The observation that most of the gunmen in recent shootings across the country had all the necessary permits for their guns.

When did a gun permit mean you couldn't use said gun in the commission of a crime? It's like insisting a driver with a perfect record couldn't possibly be guilty of speeding or drunk driving.

Media Moment #2: MSNBC's Contessa Brewer discussing, in all seriousness, Rep. Michele Bachmann's wailing about re-education camps for young people.

You'd think that when a member of Congress warns of the impending demise of the dollar and is joined by 29 of her colleagues in sponsoring a resolution that 'amends the Constitution' and blathers about wanting people to be armed and dangerous, that responsible journalism calls for not dignifying her positions by treating them as meriting serious discussion.

Media Moment #3: FOX News personalities are scheduled to appear at a number of 'tea parties' on April 15. Apparently, concerned citizens are supposed to rally together in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party.

This concept has already caused some unintentional hilarity. The original suggestion was for people to mail tea bags to their legislators. There's just one problem - because it's a loose organic material in a bag, it gets screened for security, and often blocked. So, the next logical step was to mail in pictures of tea bags.

Where to get such pictures? Why, search the web, of course! However, if you Google the term 'tea bag' in search of appropriate images, you might also get some decidedly-NSFW illustrations of a sexual act referred to as 'teabagging.'

Dr. James Dobson and his group, Focus on the Family, are always ready to promote traditional values and stand up against sex and violence in the media.

Only it's one of their employees, 42 year-old Juan Alberto Ovalle, who was arrested over the weekend for soliciting sex with an teenage girl in an online chat room. The 'girl' turned out to be a police detective, and Ovalle was taken into custody when he showed up for their rendezvous.

And then there's the woman whose personalized license plate was refused by the Colorado DMV. The woman claims she loves fermented bean curd. A lot.

She wanted the license plate ILVTOFU.

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