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Financial Wizards?

Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2009 3:45 AM

After financial advisor Lawrence Summers' weakly excusing AIG executives claiming million-dollar bonuses out of the very funds they accepted from the government to remain solvent, President Obama offered a clarification - that the White House will pursue every legal avenue to block those bonuses from being paid out.

The question is, why does this have to come from the President? Nobody else along the food chain thought of it? Nancy? Harry? Anyone? Nobody explained it to Tim Geithner, who is doing a credible job of looking more bewildered than George W. Bush?

Wasn't anyone paying attention when average citizens were saying that giving former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson $700 Billion without any strings or accountability was Most Decidedly A Bad Idea?

And did we really think that executives who were betting on high-risk investments and then proposed that the government buy up all the crap while they skipped off down the road would exhibit even a modicum of fiscal or ethical responsibility?

Hindsight may be 20/20, but I think we had a clear picture going in.

Apparently, someone over at the SciFi Channel had their brains sucked out by evil space aliens or something. Come this summer, the network is rumored to be changing its name to SyFy, to 'increase its popular appeal.'

Perhaps we can look forward to other networks thinking a horrid misspelling will improve their market share. Dyscovery Channel. FOX Nooz (that might even be hip-hop enough for Michael Steele). Lyftyme (for Womyn!).

A genre whose name is derived from a quality that distinguished it from other works - science fiction - is not served by a gimmicky rebranding.

Hugo Gernsback is rolling over in his grave.

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Feebriel - 2009-03-17 12:15:50
Really? They're actually doing ALL of that? I'm Canadian, and haven't been following too many things in the States, nor do I watch television, so all of this comes as a bit of a...shock? I guess is the word. Not so much the television thing, that's just stupid and I've been expecting stuff like that for a while. But the fact that Obama himself had to go and say those things...Doesn't that imply that he has nothing better to do? Which I know ISN'T the case, but it doesn't paint a very accurate picture of his role as president. But I guess if no one else steps up and does or say this stuff, then the only one in the White House who doesn't have s double digit IQ should probably get his shit together and just take care of it. � Oh, yeah, like your diary so far. :3 Have a nice week.