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You And What Army?

Friday, Mar. 13, 2009 3:48 AM

From the I'm With Stupid Department, it's washed-up action star Chuck Norris waxing poetic about Texas seceding from the United States (with himself as El Presidente, naturally) and stopping short of preaching open rebellion against the government.

And so Chuckles the Ninja is encouraging all of his wackaloon friends to join none other than Glenn Beck in standing vigil at 5 PM (EDT), to show that 'We Surround Them,' or some other act of solidarity devoid of critical thinking. (Yeah! Rebellion! Let's all group together with our guns and talk about overthrowing the government, and advertise it on the web/radio/tv so that same government can find us all at once!)

Seriously. If you're planning a revolution, I'd think you'd want someone more stable on the masthead than Beck, whose America under siege routine has been running in high gear of late.

These are people who have been whining for the past eight years about how the evil Muslims were going to 'come here' and take over America - that our women would wind up in burquas and we'd all be living under Shari'a Law. Since that never happened, now it's the perils of socialism/communism, and their answer is to go all Red Dawn on us.

(And I still maintain that as long as bank executives are getting million-dollar bonuses, instead of having every last crooked penny ripped from their pockets, there's no such thing as socialism or even a marginal threat of socialism in this country.)

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