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No Buying Parties On This Ship

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009 3:40 AM

The House passed the stimulus package, 244-188, with not one Republican voting in favor.

Congratulations, President Obama, you've been punked by John Boehner. The Republicans will whine and cajole and demand concessions, then spit in your face when it comes time to vote.

In the What's That Smell? Department ...

- On MSNBC's Hardball, former Congressman Dick Armey confronted Salon's Joan Walsh with this gem: I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day.

I wonder if Armey's wife knows he holds her opinions in such high regard.

- After making critical remarks about Rush Limbaugh, Congressman Phil Gingrey (R - Georgia) had his leash jerked and actually called Rush Limbaugh to apologize on-air.

That an elected representative should have to apologize to an ambulatory pustule like Limbaugh is disgusting.

- MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell also questioned Congressman Mike Pence (R - Indiana) about those same remarks by Limbaugh, which not only included his hopes that Obama fail, but that we should 'bend over, grab the ankles' because we have a 'black president.'

Pence waffled, saying only that he 'cherished' Limbaugh's voice. Ah, young love. Swoon. Flutter.

- Former KSFO radio harpy Melanie Morgan is making the rounds, appearing on The O'Reilly Factor. Morgan is now pushing her Move America Forward group as being dedicated to 'fighting terrorism.'

It should be remembered that her idea of moving America anywhere is torturing reporters and assassinating public officials. Melanie, if you want to see the face of terrorism, go look in a mirror.

- Aspiring RNC chairman Chip Saltsman is still blaming the media for the fuss over his mailing out CD's with the song 'Barack, the Magic Negro,' protesting that Los Angeles Times columnist David Ehrenstein used the term first. (Ehrenstein's column was addressing the concept and how it evolved in popular culture.)

The media didn't mail out the CD's, Chip. The media isn't professing to be clueless about the negative connotations of the little song you think is so funny.

Still, the GOP wants you to believe that they're about personal responsibility, moral values, and the rule of law. That they're about fiscal responsibility, when they couldn't vote fast enough to ship $700 billion to crooks who wanted to remodel their excutive offices, buy corporate jets, hold retreats at posh resorts, and award themselves multi-million dollar bonuses, or that their policies not only brought us a collapsing economy, but the bill for two botched wars.

And, heaven forfend, when someone wants to clean up their mess - end the war, close their detention camps, give prisoners the benefit of law, fix the economy, it's 'oh, no, you can't do that!'

When they're not acting like a bunch of spoiled babies, they're kissing up to ideological thugs like Limbaugh.

This is the face of the conservative movement, like it or not.

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