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Yes, Obama Really Is The President

Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009 3:53 AM

So far, Congress has confirmed the nominations of President Obama's Cabinet picks, including former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (though not without some drama on the part of John Cornyn of Texas).

Among those still awaiting confirmation are Treasury pick Tim Geithner - under scrutiny for failing to pay some of his taxes - and Attorney General nominee Eric Holder.

Republicans have delayed Holder's confirmation vote for a week because they want to play more word games ask him more questions about torture. Holder has stated that waterboarding is torture, and that he will prosecute such matters. (As opposed to Alberto Gonzales' unwillingness to speak about theoreticals, and Michael Mukasey's See No Evil, Prosecute No Evil comedy routine.)

Here's the sticky wicket, though - if Holder does pursue charges, he may have to take aim at ranking members of Congress, who, through their participation on various committees, were briefed on procedures but simply smiled and nodded. That includes ranking Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jane Harman, and Dianne Feinstein.

Rush Limbaugh proudly proclaimed that he's going to continue to fight (ostensibly for conservative values). It's his view that Obama's election won't do anything to solve the issue of racism, because minorities enjoy victimhood too much, and that no amount of reparations will ever satisfy them.

Or maybe racism won't go away because of ambulatory pustules like Limbaugh who enjoy singing ditties like 'Barack, the Magic Negro,' and claiming they're just being funny.

So nice of you to warn us that you're not going away.

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama re-took his oath of office with the words in the right order.

But that hasn't stopped FOX News from blathering about it on their morning show. Or people chirping that Condoleezza Rice was actually the president in the minutes between 12:00 PM and the time Vice President Joe Biden took his oath (Hint: SecState is fifth in line, not third. Pelosi comes before Rice). Or Matt Drudge saying the second oath didn't count because Obama didn't have his hand on the Bible. Or that anything Obama signed yesterday doesn't count, because he hadn't done the oath properly.

Jesus on a jetpack, are these people that incapable of coping with the idea of an African-American man as our president?

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