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Where's My Flying Car(pet)?

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 4:00 AM

Praise Allah, Most Wise and Compassionate, and His Messenger, the Prophet Muhamm--


Where's my Islamic Fundamentalist State under Shari'a Law?

Yeah, that's right, all that complaining by wingnuts about Obama the Secret Muslim looks pretty stupid now, doesn't it?

But that apparently isn't stopping anyone. Chris Wallace of FOX News raised the question of whether or not the bumbling of the oath of office by Chief Justice John Roberts, and then, as a consequence, President Obama, disqualfies or otherwise negates it.

No, it doesn't. (Even if it did, the job would fall to Vice-President Biden, who was sworn in, correctly, before Justice Roberts administed the oath to President Obama.)

And then there's Oxycontin Boy himself, Rush Limbaugh, who replayed the audio of the moment, but bleeped out Obama's middle name. Because he's a Secret Muslim bent on turning America into a Islamic theocr-- oh, wait, that didn't happen, did it?

Add it to the pile, add it to the stock. All the fuss about Obama's birth certificate - nonsense. Ann Coulter and her 'B. Hussein Obama' schtick - laughable. Michelle Malkin crowing about defending America against Rachel Ray's butt-ugly scarf (which was supposed to be a Yasser Arafat-style shemagh) - total crap.

The leading lights and voices of conservative thought? It's time to expose these yahoos as bigots and frauds who offer nothing to the national dialogue.

Or, in the case of Sean Hannity's BFF/not-BFF Hal Turner, throw them in jail. Prior to the inauguration, Turner wrote about a plot to use a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, like a Predator) to attack Obama during the ceremony. And adding balloons filled with either an incendiary or a biological agent, to add to the general chaos.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen any headlines about the FBI arresting Mr. Turner for making a terrorist threat.

And then there's the whole fuss about evangelical pastor Rick Warren giving the invocation. A less inspirational prayer is hard to imagine.

Warren looked down at his paper or closed his eyes in the 'I'm communing with God' look that evangelicals like to sport. Not once did he look at President Obama, or out upon the assembly.

While he mentioned race, religion, and blood in his invocation, he left out 'sexual orientation,' - not terribly surprising given his bigoted views on homosexuality.

By contrast, the benediction by Reverend Lowery to close the ceremony rocked the house. He spoke to the people, not to His Invisible Buddy in the Sky. (Of course, prize-winning dunderheads like Glenn Beck are complaining about Lowery's 'when white can be right, brown can stick around ...' citation near the end, missing the point entirely - that we are flawed, and that our spiritual journey is one of growth and constantly working to do what is right.

No, I don't buy that former Vice-President Dick Cheney hurt his back while moving things out of the Naval Observatory residence.

Really? A guy with a pacemaker and a history of heart trouble was schlepping boxes? Boxes so heavy that he threw his back out? (Unless, of course, ol' Dick was trying to move his secret papers out and didn't trust the movers not to snoop.)

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Brin aka Bindyree - 2009-01-21 15:45:20
Wait a minute, Barack Obama is a Secret Muslim? And all this time here *I* was, thinking he was a Magic Negro! Where the hell have *I* been?... :-D