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Where's The Outrage?

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009 6:18 AM

In Memoriam: actors Ricardo Montalban (88) and Patrick McGoohan (80).

Where's the community outrage about the young black men who split off from an otherwise peaceful protest last night to smash windows and trash cars? Let's hear some calls (with some of the same fire and passion) from the black community for these criminals to turn themselves in, or even make restitution to the businesses and individuals whose property was trashed, otherwise your complaints of bias and persecution are nothing more than hypocrisy. Only so much can be excused by the tropes of a justifiably angry and upset black community.

It's a solid bet that one of the first motions to come before a judge will be for a change of venue, because of the lynch mob mentality seen at the protests. And suddenly, it's not about justice or fairness or sympathy for Oscar Grant, it's about fairness for a guy caught on tape in the act of shooting an unarmed man, and sympathy for his family because they're getting death threats.

For all the politicians - Democrats and Republicans alike - who are wringing their hands and making solemn pronouncements about how we need accountability and transparency before letting Obama access the balance of the $700 billion bailout fund, where the fuck were you last year, when Bush, Paulson, and Bernanke were busy selling you a load of crap?

Speaking of a load of crap, try the 'debate' between FOX News' Bill O'Reilly and guest Christopher Hitchens on the merits of torture.

O'Reilly prefaces the debate by trotting out a clip from the new season of '24', wherein the amazing Jack Bauer admits to a Congressional panel that, yes, he tortured, but, damnit, it saved lives!

Nothing like having a discussion about the legal and moral implications of torture based on a frackin' TV show.

What's next, questions on warp engine dynamics at Steven Chu's confirmation hearing?

Israel 'accidentally' lobbed a rocket at the U.N. compound in Gaza.

The excuse seems to be that militants were firing at them.

President Bush's farewell address is slated for this evening. Shorter version? He regrets that things didn't work out the way he wanted, but he made tough decisions, and he's kept us safe. Iraq, that stupid banner, Katrina, the economy, ignoring the law, flaunting the Constitution, none of that is his fault.

But y'all need to be afraid of another terrorist attack! Really! They're a-comin' to get us! Bwah! Oooooooga-booooga! Flee for your lives!


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